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Happy New Year to All!

Wow…I simply can’t believe tomorrow is New Year. Damn, time gone faster than before or it is because the earth is turning too fast or what? First of all, I would like to wish you all visitors and readers a Happy New Year. It will be another year of struggle for me and I have to settle my debt as soon as possible on my friend side which is what I worried the most. Thanks to my freaking car broke down on me at the end of September. My entire months of 2008 suck big time. Hope it will be a good start for me.Bad news first, just last weeks ago. According to Brudirect local news site, there are rumors about the Governments going to apply tax in the country soon. Nobody knows until now what kind of tax we might expect and not to mention which systems they are trying to follow. My guess (guess only) is either UK or Singapore system. This is going to look bad for those of us who have a low paid salary every month. I don’t mind paying taxes but the questions are how fair the price we are going…

Last Online Item Finally Arrived

Ebay is always a wonderful place to look for bargains and some collection stuffs. Last month, I decided to try out buying hard to find PC game called Supreme Commander Gold Edition at Google search. My search results are always ended up in Ebay and I just go ahead open a new account continue looking for best bargain I could get from around the world. Of course, before I buy. I did do some research and learn tips before buying anything in Ebay. Although the only question still remains on my mind if you really can trust the short comments listed in the seller information are created by them or groups. I’m not sure how the today rules and the system have improved so far. But another lookout is also the power rating of the seller is important, according to Ebay.Anyway, I ended up in barginclozit store and the game prices are really bargains. I place my order and waited at least three weeks to arrive in my post from US. The only complained about the priority shipping service is the USPS th…

Wishing you All…

Early two hours a Merry Christmas!!! Hope everyone enjoy the fullest with your family and friends. Also to those with lovely partners!i will not be celebrating at all, just a simple dinner with my mom and sister. Tomorrow will be gaming time.

Finally! Video Card Replacement Arrived!

Yahoooo!!! My new replacement card finally arrived from Taiwan. Thanks to Palit, willing to replace a new one for me. I spend a few hours doing the cable management and final test all my hardware before making sure everything is good to go for Vista installation. After that, there will be cleaning and tidying my room. Thanks to the fucking ants damaging my wall and trying to start their new home. Hate these insects the most.Anyway, I forget tomorrow something about Chinese special days. ^^;;;

Skip Beat!

I think I haven't done any post for Anime for a long time. Maybe I enjoy watching too much lately forget to include in my blog. Anyway, there are a lot of good and bad anime this year. Mostly, I myself prefer mecha and science fiction like stories a lot. I do like anime drama too, but it's not many and is too much children’s like. Not to mention, it's not meant for kids to watch nowadays which a bit more erogo and sexual content have included in the scene. I personally don't find it great to watch anymore. Good stories and comedy is what I want in Drama.I remember two of the best dramas I favor two years ago are Welcome to the NHK! and Ghost Hunt. Both of them are really good and the stories are well written. And now this year, I finally found another one, the Skip Beat! The anime is off based from the popular manga book and started airing on October this year. There will be 25 Episode according to the information.About Skip Beat! (From Wikipedia)Skip-Beat! Is about Ky…

Weekend Holiday Hoot for December!

I went to the capital with my family and cousin for weekend window shopping on last Sunday. Our first plan destination is the mall in Gadong. I didn’t really expect the shopping over there is quite boring now except there were some computer booths set up fill with crowds. Lucky me, it was a good opportunity first seeing the ACER gaming Predator and the high-end LCD display over there. I have to say the plastic quality build of the case looks pretty good and the design doesn’t seem that bad either. However, the downsides for my opinion are because it made of plastic and easily fill with dust. The LCD display was not bad either when it comes with fast response time and the brightness looks sharp. In the end, both of them are simply just too expensive for such setup. If you have cash to spare, get yourself a custom build.***All photos taken using Nokia N80 and Resize to 640x480***I also drop by in Bits Computer booth getting a China cheap notebook cooler for very low price B$6.00. I have…

About IE Vulnerability and Workarounds

I read about the issue about IE starting from the old version 5 to the newest version was heavily affected. Microsoft really owned! Too bad I don't used it anymore except in the worked site. Well, there is a solutions to fixed this and you better head over to eweek for the workarounds tip if you used it everyday.

Western Digital Confirm 3 Years Warranty in Brunei

If you are terrible unlucky your hard disk drive busted after six month local warranty and cannot be replaced. No worried and don’t lost your hope yet. Don’t simply gave the old hard disk away or dump into the rubbish bin before you confirm the warranty statues is still valid from the official website. I got an opportunity to submit the serial number I got from the customers who brought in local shop and confirm Western Digital offer 3 years limited warranty for Brunei.Please do note that the warranty for any Western Digital desktop, mobile or external hard drive selling in Brunei does not hold exactly 3 years warranty and might already over more than 3 to 6 month depending on their stock. For example, this screenshot below show one of my customers who brought the WD mobile 160GB HDD limited warranty is from 12th October 2008 until 12th October 2010 stated in the official site which he originally brought this month.I don’t really blame the local shops for offering such warranty for th…

My Seagate Warranty Is Back!

Finally, I got it today from UPS delivery. I am glad my trip to Singapore was not a waste. If you buy a hard disk drive or any portable storage, make sure you check your warranty directly in any manufacturer official site for details for Brunei. I have a source out there telling me that that Western Digital hard disk are actually carrying three year warranty, but the local decided to sell for six month warranty to ensure their stock can be easily clear.My advices to all local buyers to check the warranty carefully so that you won’t have to spend another hard earn money for a new one. If you can warranty yourself through the online, I don’t see why not spend a little on the packaging box and postage. I done mine, I pack myself and only pay for B$4.20 dollar only for postage and registering. The only problem I see is the hard disk will be sent to repair instead of new one, like the picture above showing a sticker labelling “Seagate Certified Repair”. This is actually normal, both Malays…

Gundam GP02A - Air Raid Type Prototype

I totally forget to post this one up many moon ago. Here's my photos for the previous worked on Gundam GP02A - MLRS Type. The only thing I done is change the color and add an optional Wing pack (from broken mecha) specially for GP02A. It actually 100% fit and I am happy with the results. only few spoiler won't be easily be seen. ^^;;

<<Double click to access for full size photos>>

The Terror Living In North Korea

I just drop by to The Weird Asia News. I am still loading the video and going to watch it later after bath. This is the most terrifying story about how the people currently suffer in North Korean. This really worth watching and reading. I will only post the prison camp 10 rules.Camp Rules: The 10 Commandments1. Do not attempt to escape. The punishment is death.2. Never gather in groups of over three people or move around without the guard’s authorization. The punishment for unauthorized movement is death.3. Do not steal. If one steals or possesses weapons, the punishment is death. The punishment for failure to report the theft or possession of weapons is death.4. Obey your guards. If one rebels or hits a guard, the punishment is death.5. If you see outsiders, or suspicious-looking people, report them immediately. The punishment for abetting in the hiding of outsiders is death.6. Keep an eye on your fellow prisoners and report inappropriate behavior without delay. One should criticize …

Cousin Patrina Wedding

It was a big day for another cousin, Patrina, finally married to her boyfriend, Henry. I am happy for both of them. Yesterday morning was quite a rush to the place when the wedding starts at early morning around 7.30 am. I was pretty late and couldn’t manage to take a photo with her in her wedding dress. I only manage to grab a picture with her in lunch time. It was the busiest wedding I have attended.I feel really bad about myself not buying a good camera to take pictures. My budget Canon PowerShot A710 IS digital camera served me well for two years now and I am able to take advantage with its features. I still felt so badly myself I could take a beautiful and lively picture of my cousin for memories. I am going to saved and get a professional digital version for next year after my PC upgrade. Anyway, I upload the best shots in my Facebook.You can view the album at Facebook. Currently upload the wedding event in the morning. Will upload tomorrow after I review the photos.

First Hobby Search Online Ordering

This is my first order 1/100 Gundam Double OO, Kotobukiya latest 1/144 Hand Unit A and B from Hobby Search. It took only less than a week to arrive. I predict it might delay due to the holiday and Christmas so near. But it was originally suppose to be no order on November but it somehow my email did not reach the sales for cancellation last two month. And because of this, I am now dealing with another blow on my debt this month and if I cancel during the shipment process, I will definitely get 20% charge for cancellation fee which is not worth it.I hate to say this, Hobby Search cancelling system is very bad and I doesn’t like a bit which is worst than Hobby Link Japan (HLJ). You can cancel anytime you want without question if you made a mistake on the orders or stop buying it if you having some financial problem. In Hobby Search, you have to contact them to cancel it. What annoy me is they will ask you again for confirmation. The only thing that HLJ can’t compare with them is the poi…