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Help Firefox Set a World Record!

I have been using Firefox for more than two years and I still love it! Spread Firefox to everyone! d^^b

DST 3G Go! Broadband Internet Experience

3G Internet Broadband have been increasing this year in Brunei. I'm sure that majority of you might already own it with the free laptop and modem promotions by both B.Mobile and DST Group. But is there any of you currently using the Erisson W25 Fixed Wireless Terminal? If you guys look closely to the brochure, that thing cost us B$600.00 each without contract subscription. That was hell lots of money for a simple 3G unit, even if it was mention that it made from Romania. I was quite worried and if a merely $20k firewall hardware could messed up. I wonder how long will this Erisson W25 last?I was lucky enough to get the chance to play around with the W25 unit last weeks, from my customers, of course. ^^;; Trying out the internet is also my pleasure to find out if going to 3G internet broadband is the right choice migrating from eSpeed2 and most importantly, my experience with the customers service while I was experience quite a lot of problem.Erisson W25 Fixed Wireless TerminalOn t…

Preparing Buy Lists from Singapore

I have been quite busy checking out the Singapore map in Google Earth and any June events going o happen there during my trip over there for one week. I think I hit a jackpot on the Singapore grand sales over there and also my favorite PC fair is going to be held at Suntec City!!! WOOT!!! Damn, my lucky month as my second vacation to Singapore after 8 years I haven’t step out of the countries.Saving money is quite hard during these month and I have to stop pre-order my favorite Gundam from for few months or until next year. My buy lists are all PC hardware if you asked. ^^;; I already decided completely build a new gaming system soon. That’s why I need to stock up some good hardware over at PC fair. Many local might think why don’t you simply get in Brunei rather than in Singapore? I will answer that.I’m not buying every single part from Singapore. That will be different story if I am living there or friends could help me warranty without worrying anything. I have carefully se…

Young Lady Insult The Whole Sichuan Earthquake Victims

The young China lady in the video blog at Youtube has become a hit around the world just for only two days. Millions view and still counting with many different kind of curse on her. I was really surprised when I watch the video. In case many of you who doesn’t know Mandarin, she was actually insulted the whole Sichuan earthquake victims in China. The interesting part she says in her video that the old lady bury in the ground should just die instead of struggle to live and calling for help. I was really shock and laugh watching her freedom speech. This indeed causes outrageous to a lot of viewers.According to the source in China, she was arrested at the same time after the video published on the internet and ‘protect’ her from being getting kill from the public. Not sure what’s kind of punishment will be giving from the court. But from my point of view, killing her is just a useless thing to do. Not to mention do you really need to dirty your own hands and record background? No matter…

Acer New Upcoming Predator Gaming PC Announced

ACER announced a new line up first gaming desktop PC series called Predator. According to the Source from, the Predator offers a multi-card reader and Blu-ray SuperMulti burner optical drive and even offers a Blu-ray/HD DVD SuperMulti option. The front of the case is an Acer Easy-swap hard drive bay which allows up to four drives to be installed or removed from the system and also built-in support for multiple RAID types.The system will based on an Nvidia nForce 780i SLI motherboard which supports 3-way SLI, but Acer is currently only offering dual-GeForce 9600 GT, 9800 GTX or 9800 GX2 options. CPU options include 133MHz FSB Intel Core 2 Extreme or Core 2 Quad series, and opted to include a liquid cooling system which it says reduces system noise and lets users push the system to the limit. Memory capacity also can be support up to 8GB DDR2.Other features include dual-Gigabit LAN, onboard audio (with Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum optional) and a choice of either Windows Vi…

Cell Phone Users Should Beware Using QQ Morange - Update!

It comes to my attention that the QQ Morange is the culprit behind all this credit deduction from my cell phone every month. And so, thanks to the DST care center find out the accurate information from there. However, I will continue to monitor my past problem and also disappointed over the DST KB DID NOT follow up my issue.
It was a bad experience letting the QQ Morange taking away my B$8.00 credit every month. After doing some research and learning how the Morange business works. I am now convinced and able to understand why I was so easily letting myself fall into their traps. I have to admit that they able to come up with such a clever ideas making money. To me, it was just a dirty business tricks after all and I don’t believe they would admit mistake they have done until now.Confused and misleading customersYes, I find it confused with their service and I do not know they have been charging me for so many months. You can say I am stupid not reading FAQ or terms and conditions. But…

DST is Stealing My Easi Phone Credit, I Can Grantee It - Update

Update: Culprit has been found. My stolen B$7.00 credit is actually from QQ Morange services. I will still continue to investigate the past credit loss problem.I was piss off the other day over the stupid bitch and now, I finally caught the DST Group is stealing my credit. I more pissed off by it and at least my B$7.00 of my phone credit stolen after I made only ONE call to my sister. The message landed suspiciously and I already confident that proving DST are STEALING credit from me. I monitor closely many times ever since this kind of issue and I thought it must be my phone problem. But it’s not, after I change to third phone and I still experience the same problem. The previous issue mostly when my credit almost hit reach to an end between around B$2.00-$3.00. After I hit a call to any person or missed call, my credit will straight cut until B$0.40 or even to B$0.20 cent. Today was the serious one losing B$7.00 and left only me B$0.60. I don’t used 3rd party software and I don’t us…

Bitch Is Always A Bitch!

It was another total disaster month for me. I simply couldn't believe this would happen again and again. I was taking lots of heat argument with my step mother about the water pump yesterday. She is so stupid, idiotic or trying to set both with my sister up without letting us know she send the water pump for repair and simply stick the bill into our face. Just like that. No bothering informs us or anything regarding the repair and what happen. I was so mad seeing these water pumps we brought with no warranty haven't lasted for even more than one year and we are paying another hundred dollars repair for it again.My mom who never went to school is cleverer and carefully checks the price and consult with anyone before making decision. These bitch that went to schools are dumber than I thought. I don’t even know what she learned from there back then and we already warned her last year if she does that again. We will not going to pay any single cents. That’s it.I did ask her to cal…

Don't Be Too Fussy In Choice Of Jobs. Overcome Yourself!

Well, I am one of them who happen to be a lower qualification until high school, fail form 5 'O' level, and couldn't even finished technical college PND because of some quarrel with the Pakistan (fucker) math teacher and got cheated about free education back then. Anyway, everything it just a past and I am happy earning hard cash buying Gundam, PC games and travelling instead of wasting time on this education I can't even reach. Everyone get older very fast, why bother wasting time if you had a chance to enjoy?I do understand everyone want to have a better life and drive a nice looking sport car around in Brunei. That’s why many youth would start first trying to apply work at oil and gas industry or offshore. Of course, Government jobs are also one of the main highlighted targets by the youth. I was once asked by my Malay friend if I would be interested working in the hospital as office boy. But I turn it down later because I wanted to learn about IT related stuffs and…

Horns Fuckers

I have been experience getting lots of horns from the drivers starting this year. I really had no ideas what the fuck is wrong with them. I don’t drive fast because my car is just a 90 ‘ Toyota wagon and I always have been careful with my surrounding after I caught myself into accident due to my careless mistake last year, which is quite pissed me off losing so much money on repair. I don’t want to let it happen again. But this year, I was getting horns so much from the drivers apparently no reason behind it. It seems like these fuckers love to distract me or trying to get me into road accident or something.Today I got another horn again while I was driving out from the Soon Lee T-junction which is quite dangerous getting distracted by it. My patience gone and I don’t like to look for trouble, but it makes me no choice to stop my car looking for the culprits who horns at me. I thought it might be the kid’s horn at me because he thought I might take over his parking slot. So I give him…

Moving On Diet

Whenever I go anyway, people kept telling me I beginning to look fatter. I have to admit that it’s true, and I can’t believe myself having only morning breakfast and dinner (lunch sometimes) everyday would make me look fatter. Probably having two meals a day is not enough and required to workout your body. I think right now my look is becoming better and not that worst comparing to last week after I start jogging after work. I will also going to gym again every weekend for heavy fat burning. Maybe I should buy a fat burning drink to try out.

I do worried about my stupid face getting fatter, but again, I think my bone is somewhat bigger and make it look fat on the side, damn. >_>;;; Got to eat some chewing gun to exercise my face including self face massage. ^^

Just A Number

I thought what the hell with that promotion slogan from Telbru yesterday when my friend told me about it. It was actually referring to its rival currently promoting its 3G broadband internet services. I do agree these are just numbers, BUT they are better yours, Telbru, as it can carry around and yours can’t. I’m not actually helping and fanboy or something. It just that this idiot simply forgets their fucks up internet service not long ago which happen last month who causes NO internet in the whole country and people who can surf are actually using just numbers. Telbru should be shame on themselves before thinking this kind of slogan.

eSpeed Suck Deeper as DST and Bmobile Launched Faster Speed

Everyone knows eSpeed is going to suck deeper and deeper after both DST and Bmobile launched their own home broadband services this year. DST is the last company who just started 1st of this month with their own offering GO! Broadband service. I do not have any opportunity to try out the internet in KB branch as the staffs turn it off. However, they will offer amazing 7.2 mbps using Ericsson technology. I’m sure their rival, Bmobile, will soon follow and roll out the same speed.

After looking at both competitors, especially the broadband services special offering which bundle with free laptop that comes with three years plus contract. I can say that the DST is doing better than its rival when it comes with free laptop choices like Apple, Dell and ACER. Lots of people, who totally fed up with Telbru eSpeed broadband, are applying it for the plans and getting free laptop. I’m not going for the free laptop though, since I’m not a person travel a lot. Of course same goes to the Go! Broadba…

KL Freeze Official Video

I forget to post (it was saved in draft) it up last week after Zain from drop me a message at my comment about the official video of the KL Freeze in Unison was release on their website. You guys should check it out the video below and make sure you visit their site for latest update.