Transformers 3: DOTM and Window Shopping

Since I already got my salary yesterday and happen to taking off for yesterday. I decided to drive straight to The Mall and grab my ticket for Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie 3D in the morning without second thought. Not going to say much or spoiler alert here but sure better than Revenge of the Fallen. Although, there is feeling some cut scenes in there which push the story too fast. The movie itself this time also didn’t introduce much on the new characters and less action for the bots too. Hopefully we are going to sees some extra cut scene in Blu-Ray release soon.

After the end of the movie, I drop by Go Figure! to check out toys if there anything I plan to get. So far Halo Reach was the main attracting toys wanted to collect and have them in my display cabinet for a long time. The price is good for me except the two pack figure somehow does seem to be over price. Sorry, I just use to buying online and did a research for the two pack pricing. EBay Singapore sells the two pack almost similar price but only at US selling cheaper which is two pack price of one. The Warhog vehicle is also available with a nice 30% off as well seeing Ghost Rapid Assault vehicle too. Argg…

If you are fan of Halo Reach, it’s a good start getting from Go Figure!, their price is right. Just the two packs version you might need to reconsider or tried to ask a discount from them. Yeah I did consider getting a Spartan and Warhog together but after the recent back pain due the damage office chair I am still using in my room. It’s time to get a new one at Court Furniture in the capital for B$149.00 sales. There is no way I choose spending toys over continue hurting my back. Not to mention using for 6-7 years already and badly damage. Cheap bastard am I?

Soon I drove to CH-Toynation toy shop in Kiulap to check their new shop as well and found a display base wanted to get for use in upcoming EA CON Gunpla competition. BTW they also have 30% off for the Gunpla including other (if I remember correctly) so do check it out too and the EA CON ticket still available up for grab. My work will be reveal soon coming week once I retake the photos. The first photo shoot turn out quite blur so submitting will be a problem.


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