Expressive Art Convention 2011 – Day One Part 2

After finished browsing the tiny shop (read part 1), the MC began the welcome speech. Few minutes later, the Silent Hill Pyramid Head cosplayer (who is one of the organizers) walking toward the stages doing what cosplayers do. I thought at first if they were doing Silent Hill promotion for some reason. LOL. I didn’t expect it also part of the opening, luckily they pull that off doing interviewing and jokes.

The speakers installed there it’s lousy and sound broken on the left. Not you sure about you guys, I am having little hard time understand what they were talking when watching on the side and the middle. It gets little worst when the place crowed with more people.


The first performer is Kung Fu or Wu Shu. It’s a short scene and pretty good. A bit dangerous when seeing him performs with weapons as it quite near to the crowd. The organizers do have to consider reviewing the safety around the audiences and visitor since the place is small and crowded. No matter he is professional or not, bad things do happen. Not to mention it’s their first event.

The second performing is my friend, Stuart Yong and his team. This is also my first time watching live Yoyo free style tricks. Too bad I forgot to record and taking photo instead on the first day.

I was told the reason he wear gloves to prevent rust on the bearing because our hands does produce salt.

Prize Giveaway

There are also prizes giveaways the whole days which attracts a lot of teens and kids. Yeah, everyone went crazy for the prizes.


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