No Cash No House in Brunei

It is good news for us PR resident able to buy house and apartment for 90 years or less now in Brunei. But if you are just average income employees, we have two problems to face. Since, our country is not same as other countries offer better housing because of the small land and also applying national housing is impossible if you are not holding yellow IC. The alternative is tried look for apartments or finished built housing.

Thanks to my lovely father, giving everything away to the second wife and ended up paying rental in our own father house. I have been trying finding a affordable for housing to loan so it will be easier to invest rather continue giving the hard earn money away to step mother for free.

Finding is easy, when it comes to money, we totally have none. It comes to my attention the owners and contractors are interested more on cash rather than allow paying in bank loan these days. It was a nightmare even an apartments owners heading the same direction. Of course, some of them do in the end offering bank loan without my knowing. Things weren’t goes so well for us either.

Even if I got house, I got to worry about bank loan because rule is not friendly as it used to be. From what I heard from friends, they require you working with Governments sectors, school or Shell. Otherwise the loan can’t be approved. I haven’t drop by HSBC to enquiries about the housing bank loan yet so my information may not be true. But for those who got the national housing, they also need two guarantors. I’m not sure about us.

The previous land my mother got from Government is gone now because those lands given are belonging to Shell for drilling location. We have no idea what’s the story and I have to follow up myself after getting the documents.


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