Expressive Arts Convention 2011 – First Gunpla Competition

First of all, I do have to thank Expressive Arts Convention organize the competition, workshop talks and allow our works to display to the public’s. It is a good start introducing the modeling hobby to the visitors. I am also happy meet up with other modelers and have a nice chat sharing our interest on Gunpla work.
In case most of you modeler didn’t participate or unable to attend. You might want to know if it’s fun and challenging that day. My personal opinions, it’s just okay actually but didn’t feel any challenging motivation. The problem is also because lack of modelers joining and only one judge in the competition.
This result putting my poor 1/144 GN-X Gladius work competing Gunpla diaroma, car and Star War. If you remember my previous problem about the rules, I almost half right about it. I am truly having a hard time choosing the right category to participate. Yes, it is disappointment that categories A and B restrict my entries. The saddest thing is seeing someone actually submitting a Fix Figuration S Gundam into the competitions. LOL!
Nonetheless, I already stated out my concern to Johnny regarding the categories rules and recommend running survey to hear out others how they can improve the Gunpla categories in the future competition. I don’t really believe there were so few of us that day. Just voice out your problem if this is about the categories or rules and whatever you think needed to include in the lists next time. Otherwise, it’s hard to make another new competition better.
Anyway, check out the plastic toys modeler entries works including the winners for category A, B and C.
Category A – Gunpla SD, FG and 1/144 Scale
RGM-79 Type C by Saiful Ahmad
GM Striker by Mohamad Aklil Mutahhar
Wing Gundam by Afig
Gundam X by Ak Muhd Najib (Winner)
OO Gundam Seven Sword by Mohd Nazrul Azri
Category B – Gunpla HG 1/100 and Master Grade
Nu Gundam By MD Hikman Ahmad
Red Frame Kai by Kelvin Lim
Gale Strike Gundam by MD Riduan
God Gundam by Mohd Aklil Mutahhar
Strike Freedom Full Burst by Shafie Rai
Infinite Justice by Jon Austria
OO Raiser Gundam by Jon Austria (Winner)
Gundam Deathscythe Custom by Mohd Azizi
Full Weapons System Strike – E Gundam by Kevin Goh
Gundam MK.II 2.0 by Howard Koh
Unicorn Gundam (Destroy mode) by Patrick Chen
Category C (Open) – Gunpla Resin and Diaroma with non-Gunpla mixed
Gouf Custom by Bryan Ling
Operation D SD Gundam Diaroma by God Gundam by Mohd Aklil Mutahhar
GN-X Gladius Full Saber by ME!!!
Stand on your Ground Diaroma by Zulwaqar
Star Wars STAP by Jun Austria
Manissa – The Green Latern by Amy Mohidin (Winner)


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