GN-X Gladius Full Saber

This is GN-X Gladius Full Saber model kit submission I built last month for the upcoming EA CON Gunpla competition open category next week. To be honest, I don’t really much like the final result I worked on. There is still more room to improved of this kit but due to my lack of time, I have to finished before submitting. Never mind, I entered the competition just for fun since this is the first time organize in Brunei.
The Work
Nearly four days just to spend on assemble and review the final mixing including adding details before proceeding to the next steps. Using Astray body as a starting, the idea does turn out nice but somehow lack of space putting GN drive. No matter how much I tried, even putting two Sefer as a replacement of GN condenser still kind of unoriginal for me and felt something is missing. To avoid wasting too much time thinking, I move on with GN-X body and start mixing again.
There aren’t many changes done to the original GN-X kit which is considering a big mistake on my work. I should have done a research on the Master Grade version for possible modifications and even forget that I have a copy of the Hobby Japan magazine with me. Without realize it, I busted a lot of parts during the experiments building backpacks.
The head I am using is from the Astray PMC. It has a similar design like GN Archer which helps to maintain a non Gundam type looks. To improve a bit, I exchange the leg parts as well from Ahead. The shield also has been swap with GN Rasiel shield.
Finding matching weapons are also one of the tricky ideas. All the Kotobukiya weapons I brought don’t seem to fit in well for GN-X. After remembering having XN swords and GN Sword IV that I have, I decided to do quick research to see which the best. GN Sword IV was the best choice because it have multi weapons mode so I don’t have to worry too much about no range weapons. Only the original GN Beam Rifle was added last minute. It just too bad I don’t have the GN Long Barrel Beam Rifle because it going to look better with it. Damn Bandai should have just thrown inside the box.


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