Expressive Art Convention 2011 – Day One Part 1

The Expressive Art Convention (EA CON) event was held at Asma Hotel in Jerudong for two days (16th and 17th July 2011). It was really a good selected location and easy to find. Park your car outside or basement and head to the front door. Take the stairway up and go straight you will see the EA Con banner.

I got there exact 9AM. Probably I am nervous thinking had to register on time for the Gunpla competition. To my surprised, the place already was starting crowded with cosplayers. I have to be honest. This is the first time in my life seeing real live cosplayers. Hey I’m just a poor guy never been to Japan and attend any cosplayers event before. So forgive me being a village adult.

Gunpla Registration:

Without wasting a minute looking around, I went to register my Gunpla for the category C. Another surprise, the pretty lady told me the category C is held on tomorrow (July 17th). Only A and B are today. I was confused because it was never mention by the organizer.

Things sorted out quickly after I met Saiful (one of the Gunpla modeler and organizer) and asked me to put here for two days showing our works to the crowd. Why not, right? It just annoying bringing up and down from the car again after the lady told me to bring tomorrow. >_<; BAD GIRL!

Tiny shop:

Although it is a good location, the place is not that big either and mostly occupy by most gaming competitions and cosplayers. There are 6-7 small tables setup on the side after the entrance. You will find people putting up products, displaying and promoting their services.

For some reason on the first table, I wasn’t allowed to take any photos because the owner wanted to protect their products. If you are wondering what they were actually doing, well, a cosplayers photo shoot service. I did check some of their photo works and the background looks good. But I just don’t understand what so secretive over their work when Photoshop and images resources nowadays easily found on the internet. I respect the owner requested so I didn’t took any even video.

Here are the Brunei Yoyo Nation club members displaying and selling popular Duncan products. What I didn’t expect that it was one of my colleagues, Stuart Yong, showing up there. Apparently he is the boss too, working hard to promote Yoyo culture and demonstrating to customers. The great thing was his groups are performing as well on stage for two days.

If you are interest on joining the club and purchase Duncan Yoyo toys. Visit Yoyo Nation Brunei for more information. I will upload the performance video once I done the editing and converting.

This table is showing digital artworks and promoting their service too. Looks really good I have to say and hopefully one day seeing our own games builds by locals since the animation already first step into the RTB.

Trading card anyone? This is not just collecting, it’s a challenge game. Honestly, I don’t really know how to play so it’s hard for me to explain because I am too busy checking out chicks. Yeah I’m an asshole! LOL!

What I do know every card have its own different abilities, powers and defensive rating. Of course every titles have own game play rules. I’m not sure about the popularity in Brunei, but parents shouldn’t worry too much as this is healthy games and competitions do held in many countries already.

This is an anime drawing workshop rule by Shinigami artist and her partner hiding behind the box. They charged BND$3.00 for any requested drawing (mostly anime). However, the guy is one of the participants on the drawing competition.

Cosmetic products, that I didn’t expect seeing one there. But I do hope the owner able to promote and sell their products.

At this table, the guys here selling the original anime movie, series, CD and original soundtrack to those interested collectors.

For the last table (nearby Gunpla competition side), I’m not really sure if they are selling cosplayers costume. But what I didn’t expect they are the (three only) judges for the competitions. I’m not sure if the organizers do involved on the next day. This will be discuss in another separate post.


Gaming competitions is not longer my hobby. I only play MMO online games these days and chase TV drama after works in my PC. It was quite recollect memories when I first try running the local gaming site. My vision is to push Brunei entering to World Cyber Game and other popular competitions. Sadly only last for few months and never sees to happen until this day.

Anyway, it’s good to see there are clans and players still around. Even one of my former comrades continues playing which I do question if he even works at all. All I know he tweets a lot and hang around till midnight. Crazy~!


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