The MMORPG Curse

Sorry for the absence not posting anything. Once I started playing online MMORPG games, there is no stopping on the time thinking writing a single blog post. Only today I am able to because my RF Online character stuck at level 50 which require doing unlocking quest and help from high level players. This past few days was no luck at all which also at the same time finding the quest ridiculous hard. So I decided to switch back Silkroad Online.

After playing for few hours, I find the graphic so suck and wasn’t impressed with updated system anymore. Again, I decided to looked for another alternative recent online game might interest me.R2 (Reign of Revolution) Online was the latest released in public and currently ongoing beta test. I was lucky enough to grab the free beta key from MMOBomb site. No worry, they still have over 1000 keys left up for grab. You just simply need to register a free account over there and follow the instruction how to activate the keys. I will start playing once I download the 2.60GB client file tomorrow.


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