Back on Rising Force MMO

I never expecting going back playing online game again. If it wasn’t because the next upcoming Starcraft II expansion rumors to release next year, I won’t be that boring watching anime and TV dramas. Another reason also my car loan is going to start next month on the 1st week so this is going to look bad for me. All financial shit needed to adjust and finding best ways to reduce my spending.

Actually the first planning is heading back to Silkroad online. Somehow, my character was messed up on the skills at 40 something as far I can remember back to 4-5 years now. It really suck have to play from the start if creating new character since leveling never easy on Silkroad game, not to mention killing more than 500+ monster just to get 50 quest items which is stupid and time consuming while the level limit already push to over 100. There are definitely a plenty of changes and update done to the game after all these years but the good thing were, lots of Brunei playing there. Still can’t confirm if they already move on with their life.

Nonetheless, I did made a right choice choosing RF Online game. I never expect my account is still also available for three years and allows transferring my character to any server. Met a lot of great players there and continue help me with the leveling. The only problem with the game so far are farming money, stupid quests and harder leveling after you reach 40. Everything needed help from higher level players and assist you on group quests. Luckily everything works well for me and start on right time.

Don’t think that I am going to get addicted to online game. I play because I got nothing to do at night, always sleep early and what’s the point wasting money paying the eSpeed service. I only go out meeting friends once or twice a week so I need to find something to kill the times.


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