Renderform – Security Chief Upgrade Review

This is the latest released RF-004 Security Chief upgrade kit for Transformers Red Alert for April. Due to the delay shipping, I just received last month. I’m not sure if most of you familiar with Renderform. But he became well known after the surprised released RF-002 Empyrean Espionage upgrade for Universe SkyFall, a redeco Universe Ultra version of Silverbolt in Canada.
For your information, these kits are done by handmade which means buyers are going to expect seeing some QC issue. While I did brought RF-003 DJ Rockblast and didn’t encounter any. The Security Chief upgrade kit has. Not quite a big problem actually, it just the screw unable to fits in tightly and loose. Putting aside on those problems, let’s check out the design kit.
Actually there are two different colors for Red Alert upgrade because the red version brings more changes (I believe) to toy itself and close to G1 cartoon. When it comes to the head design, it was nicely done except the flaw I mention above. For your information, this is redesign version so that the head fit in and allows transformation to vehicle mode.
This is the first time seeing Venksta making an articulation shoulder missile. Although I didn’t find the work impressive and a bit easily fall apart while connecting. It doesn’t affect the toy looks due to the color matches closely. No, there is no spring inside allowing to fire or anything but the missile head is removable.
Red Alert also comes with new gun with an extra orange translucent version which I also previously received from DJ Rockblast upgrade kit too. Not bad for a free gift and I like it. Well, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper going to have a lot of weapons to choose from.
Final note, the handmade upgrade kit quality almost close to those 3rd parties made ABS products. So you definitely won’t feel any disappointment over it. I am happy with the current two upgrade purchases except for this time problem with the Security Chief Head QC issue. But I do need to remind you that this is limited run garage upgrade kits and quite expensive because the RF-004 Security Chief upgrade kit alone already cost me CAD$32 (with shipping).
AboutRenderform is not a company, who has access to get products made with steel molds, and ABS plastic.  Renderform is just a simple garage kit “group”, all done by 1 person, with some help from friends.  All this is done in my free time.  Products are hand made in resin, out of my garage.  Since a lot of things are new to me, like resin casting, I won’t get things right on the first go.  But with feedback from others, I can make improvements on future projects.  I will make sure my products are always the best I can put out, at the time.


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