Stupid Old Car

Damn my old car fooling around at the time like this. The clutch fluid suddenly went empty on the first day of May. I already refill it two days ago but never expect this coming so fast which I normally done once a week, even twice. It was lucky that this was not a serious problem but just had to park on the road side in a hot day and asked my friend for help, drove me to buy the brake & clutch fluid. The old car is getting lots of problem every each month, seem like it’s time for me to get a new car sooner.

I already recently did some survey pricing for new cars release this year. Quite a lot of impressive design and especially those SUV type cars are cheaper nowadays. Currently the new Hyundai Tucson 2010 version strikes me. It looks sporty, nice design, big space, and good price (B$27,000.00 plus for low spec). Also receives well reputation from many reviews and the local agent car servicing are cheaper compare to NBT. I haven’t check with the local agent, according to the official Hyundai statements. It comes with five years warranty or 300,000KM extended warranty of your choice.


Currently all of them were sold out within one month at the local because there was an offer. Not too much worry for me because it is undecided at the moment as I have to wait till reaching one year work with the new company before starting a car loan. Who knows someone stab my back at the sudden causing me losing my jobs. Anything happens.

My second favor is Ford Focus 2012, slightly redesign and improved version. The reason choosing Ford because this model is still going to be built in Europe. It has most of the latest advance equipments you can find on many European made cars nowadays. I really like the new design and features. Although, the new version hasn’t release yet especially the price is still unknown in Brunei. I already saw my friends driving the 2009 released version and man, I really love it! He brought it for B$25,000 (I think) during promotions this year and the price is actually more because he went for some upgrade.


I know, I know about Ford history. Sometimes you really need to give the maker a chance, not to mention Ford is actually one of the most reliable cars today in the world and the price are coming closer to beat most Japanese cars maker out there. It depends on anyone point of view, but all my relatives are so annoying kept bashing me not to buy Ford brand. Why? They are the Toyota cheer leaders.

I haven’t decided yet for the third option. However, it won’t be either Toyota or Mitsubishi. Both of them have the least new cars this year and none of them are any more had the attractive looks. The new revised VIOS 2010 version already launched by NBT last week, damn, it was so plain (as always). Only minor improvements and some extra features include this time. Not many changes to the design also except the bumper were replaced, you can check out the gallery at official site to find out more.

Not sure how much the new VIOS cost in Brunei since I don’t even care about it anymore because Japanese cars are getting more expensive due to strong YEN issue. That’s not all. The NBT servicing charges and the parts are overpriced! Trust me, even the employees asked me not to buy from them. All parts at the agent workshops are markup more than 50%. Take the VIOS plastic rim cover as example. They quote my friend each for B$160.00 and that was seriously got to be out of their mind chopping us so much. What the fuck are this made of? Carbon Fiber? Alloy? Geezz…this is why Toyota have so much problem these days around the world.


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