My First Open Case in Paypal

I can’t imagine this is the first time filing an open case against (China online retailer) in These guys are trying to avoid their responsibility and false promises refund my money, last week. I have no idea what the hell happen to them because until now, not a single mail has been reply from them after sending starting on Sunday. I check through the Google them if any suspicious movement on their website. But still, no lucks finding any lead.

I advise all of you not to buy stuffs from them. is not a safe site buying toys and been known sending damage products to buyers.


  1. Which is why I always recommend to only deal with online shop from Japan like HLJ and Hobby Search and J-List and maybe few others...

    Trust and reputation is important in this business.... cheaper price from Hong Kong and China online shop? sometimes if not most of the times is always misleading and tricky...

    Good luck with your complain... as long as within 45 days, there is chances you can get your money back though the process can be annoying sometime...

  2. DJ, I think you mistake me on something. Although I am such into bargain. I am the person who take risk and write review on the every toy shops I discover so that the information I provide may help the other toy collectors to decide which place are safe to go with.

    Yen has not been stable lately from what I discover and to me, it doesnt worth it if I am paying more and more every month. i know purchasing direct from Japan is much safer and trusted. But sometimes, you need to give the others Asia shop a chance.


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