eBay is Evil

Yes, eBay is really an evil shopping site. I was so obsesses looking for shits all days and every night. Not just Transformers only. PC parts, old junks, tools, shoes and more pending that is currently unknown within me. You can find almost everything there and being so crazy sticking it from December last year until now. I really need to get away from it and that it October for sure.

Looking for China products are the most interesting. Almost all China and Hong Kong sellers are selling over there in eBay. The price is damn cheaper than those sell in Brunei and comes with free shipping. Not bad huh? It just a question whether it will deliver to us or not. That’s why we have to make sure the seller have a good rating and positive records before making any purchase.

I also happy able to find some PC technician tools there that can support my works. For instance, like networking tools and testers. Almost all of them come with very cheap price. Thanks to that, I am able to discover a new China gadget site (will be review soon once I confirm it’s safe to buy). Of course, I have to be careful what to buy there because the electronic stuffs are tax by our custom officer and it’s going to be 20%. As long it is power by battery, they will consider it as electronic. Yes, wifi products are cheap too, but are you willing to pay for B$50.00 for EACH product to AiTi? Not for me, but I do love to get my hands on the wireless presenter. Blah better find it in local shops. AiTi sucks!

Finding PC parts and second hand CPU are quite cheap also. But the shipping are quite high especially like from Australia. I was stunt by it seeing the shipping fees are more expensive than from US. When it comes to this, I would rather order mini-ITX system and some combo CPU plus motherboard sold from China which is much worth it from what I see. Although it does actually depends on the results coming from eBay search. You need a lot of efforts finding the right sellers.

Man, I wish Brunei bank adopt Paypal and allow to received money. eBay is a good place selling your stuffs and even helps to boost some post office services other than just receiving.


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