Car Loaner Panic!

Yes, I am one of them and mine application was rejected by HSBC today even it was my first loan, not to mention totally clean guy. Everyone is now in panic mode and submitted early than I am which according to the agent whose helping me applying to my application was told that it were simply too much for them to handle and asked to go to another bank to apply.

This is sucker than I can imagine. I don’t know if there is any chance for me but I decided to try before June. However, I am quite mad about HSBC because my saving, credit card and salary all pay through over there (by my long time customer local company). Why can’t I easily get applied by its own house? Feel like I was unwelcome.

I know the interest fee was a bit higher than other banks out there. Comfort and easy was my main priority. You really just want to stick with one bank and let them do all the transactions easily in one way rather than rushing to another bank settling the payments separately and it’s really annoying when the bank employee’s call you just to pay up on time. I can’t believe going to facing such problem.

Arggg…I don’t know what to expect on this month really. Hope that I can get my loan approved by other banks on time. All else I have to face my doom on 25% down payment rules. The worst of all mankinds.


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