Loan Approved, YES!

After having a bad nightmare with online merchant, I was relieve a bit when receiving good news about my car loan was approved by the HSBC bank. I thought mine was approved by BIBD, but somehow it was rejected according to my agent. Of course, I am expecting that coming. I don’t why but I can sense that they don’t welcome much for the Chinese applications and without any saving account too.

I really don’t care anymore. As long it was approved, I am happy able to get a new car soon this coming August. This is going to be challenging life for the first time and there won’t be any toys for me anymore starting on that month except until my bonus released this year. The monthly loan amount was B$450+ and it affect quite heavy for my own income spending. Well, I do have a lot left but other simply had to goes to my unemployed mother and stupid house me staying in with the step mother. Nonetheless, there are more things I have to worry next year after getting a new car, insurance and road tax. Yikes! Too late for me now!


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