PowerColor ATI Radeon HD5770 1GB PCS+

Finally my long awaited upgrade for my PC arrived yesterday. I know this is not the high end card or something, but I have to say it’s enough running most of the latest PC games today at highest quality mode! I tested few of the games loaded in my PC and it’s really gives ton of punch on the graphic at full resolution 1680x1050 on my Dell 22” LCD monitor. I really enjoying on the smooth gameplay. Although turning on to maximum AA and AF does degrade the performance on the games. But so far, it was minor lag and entirely playable in acceptable frame rate even on Supreme Commander 2 (Buy!)demo with plenty of units shooting around.

I also benchmarking and tested on the first person shooting (FPS) games like Resident Evil 5 (Buy!) and Wolfenstein 2 (Buy!). Both of them are at playable smooth framerate on maximum setting. Currently the last game I am planning to test was Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II (Buy!). But something is wrong and currently unable to launch because there are updates going on which was never mention on Steam. I got to wait for it to finish before start testing.

If you wonder how much I actually spend on this card. It was around B$300.00 below, I cannot tell you the exact price because this is a special price from friend. Yes, from the way it look, expensive was the right word. You need to understand that AMD do not currently have any competitions at the moment for his mid-range card market and NVIDIA has been really slow launching their new products too causing the price stay. Another reason for this kind of price is because it able to support four displays (2x DVI and 2x HDMI) and even comes with free full Colin McRAE DiRT 2 Steam game. I’m not a fan on driving games but it support running Microsoft Direct X 11 so it’s going to be fun experience the new graphic details.


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