25% Down Payment Loan for New Cars Next Month

Seriously, that was FUCK! I got a wind about this that it going to take effect starting next month. What the fuck? I worked like shit for seven years to endure using old crappy car. Now I am going to get stuck again with it after I am now able to afford for car loan this year? 25% of down payment is not a huge joke and you need at least a year to save that much for B$19,000 like Toyota VIOS value. If I am going to buy those car values from B$30,000, this would take for three years worth of saving and possibly impossible.

All the car sales agent are also affected as well because there will be huge impact on their business and for us as well. I don’t know, but I can tell it will sooner, higher car price maybe. Think about the car genuine spare parts and services might even raise more. I totally disagree these new rules and it doesn’t even make sense for those of us (old car owners) who have to suffer as well. Not all of us are fucking rich and in no way we are able to pay such a huge percentage for the first down payments. Don’t get yourself wrong, we can buy and pay a lot of things for 25%.

The people behind these rules are so stupid and never think what they trying to do to us. If they ever think this is the best ways helping us to save our money are fucking stupid. What they did is WRONG. What if our old car broke down and unable to drive anymore to work? Car accident and other shit may happen so where can we get the money to put up for the 25% down payment for a new car?

Is ALL of us in Brunei owned more than two cars? Are ALL family in Brunei worked in same company? Is the local transportation drives to every area where our companies located? Ask yourself if these bus drivers even ever worked at 24hr night? Do we ever have any fucking trains in Brunei?

NONE!!! There is NONE at all and NONE a good thing about local transportation in Brunei are good!!! How the hell these rules can be approved when none of these have ever been solve today? Geezzz….All I can say the whole plan is stupid and idiot people behind this are so dumb as well causing so much trouble in the future ahead of us.


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