Visit the Christians Cemetery

Every year, I’m sure majority of you will go to the cemetery together with your parent. Yesterday, was a special day for the Chinese (not Earth Hour), I believe. I’m not really bothered going there until my mom asked us to visit it once or twice a year to check our grandfather, grandmother and uncle graveyard if anything wrong. Nothing much change except the end of the area is nearly covered by the growing trees.

28032009305Although sometimes it interesting to find some surprising story behind the people we encounter over at the site like my grandmother sister. I never met her before and not even knowing she even lives in Seria until she passes away last year. Even in such a short distance we already lost contact with each other which makes me feel really guilty not having a chance talking to her. After knowing it, I feel like living in a stupid world filling with family and relatives issue.

Any other finding is just I don’t really get why did people burn dead money and red candle for Christian cemetery. I find it funny and at the same time it looks entire stupid. I’m not trying to insult or mock the way of people doing it as a respect. It simply just doesn’t make sense at all as it like Chinese and Christian religious has join together to bring in a new way of praying. I really hate this kind of stuff these days and I’m grateful as an Atheist.


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