Baiduri Bank ATM Suck Big Time

Yes, you heard that right, Baiduri bank ATM system suck ball and deeper than HSBC. I can’t believe I always find myself unable to withdraw money every morning between 7AM to 8AM and those companies who maintain the ATM are totally bunch of idiot. My words also go to Baiduri. How dare they can allow the ATM reboot or restart the system itself at such hours and make people wait more than 20 minute until operational? Other people might keep quiet about this but I’m not.

I have been experience this multiple time and today I finally blown by one of the first funniest ATM I ever encounter in the morning again. It’s not like I can’t access to ATM, but I don’t know who’s fault is that missed out the function for “Withdrawal” in the panel. I can’t believe finding myself in such early morning unable to draw any money because of one fucking missing words left out in the program. I was kindly enough to call the service hot line and inform them to verify issue. That’s make another extra for me to waste time going somewhere else to withdraw.

Baiduri ATM services today becoming like crap because they letting the other companies’ technician abuse their system and I don’t understand why they allowed them to reboot the system at such hours. People go to work will eventually drop by and withdraw money. I don’t even understand what the fuck is the managements doing. When a bank starting to grow so fast. They will eventually blind by their popularity and all this kind of shits will occur sooner or later. I wonder what next I might find in the ATM system. Pornography?


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