Sacrifice for Sport Cars

I wonder how many of you are really like that. I have seen many locals and my friends done that and it always a right choice for them. Man, for me right now, getting a house is really important than anything except my Gundam. I love sport cars and really wish to have one but it just about the money always. There are plenty of people like me can’t afford it but still going ahead buying one for themselves. The worst part is using their relatives name to loan the cars. If the reason it’s about require using for work. That is completely bullshit.

One of my Chinese friends did indeed give me that ridiculous answer and claim that having a sport car is better than having a house. I wonder how many of you would agree with him. Well, unless you are rich guy than probably you doesn’t need to concern. What if you are not? No matter in what situation without a car, there are always a plenty of way to go to work. Without a house, where the fuck you going to live? Staying in friends or relatives house forever? Rent forever? The funny thing him telling me using a car for temporary home if thing goes wrong. If you are single, nothing to worry about it, right. But if you have family, do you really want your whole family sleep there just for the sake of sport car? You decide.

My other friend who is Iban or Dusun I think, who also would sacrifice for Lancer Evo 10 and he is living in a wooden house look like almost going to torn apart anytime. I can’t believe he is so happy driving around with his beloved beauty car. Man, I have really had no idea the people around me. Of course, I do understand we should enjoy our life at very young age but sometimes family and your future is always much more important if you are living in different environment.


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