Me on Top for ‘QQeStore Complain’ Word in Google and Yahoo

I have to say LOL! Hahaha…I can’t believe my QQeStore review was in the top search in popular Google and Yahoo. Because the review, I still received quite numbers of traffic of this post. Probably, there are many local buyers out there still having their doubt of their services and warranty issue. But for my own recommendation, buying digital camera is the best place you can’t go wrong with them. If you are planning to buy games, I recommend as they provide free delivery to Brunei. Tax is not included, sadly.

As for the bad recommendation, nothing to bash about QQeStore since I last only brought my camera from them in year 2007. I do visit their website sometimes to check out their new products. I can’t tell you if they have improve or not except I heard they are now using Fedex services for delivery which is way better than last time I have to pickup my camera MYSELF in a fixed location even I paid for freaking $10.00 for delivery. Oh it’s not a joke and this is true story which I didn’t include in my review previously. Anyway, past is a past now. Nonetheless, I still received complains comment and emails from users about their services from time to time, except the one who wrote in Malay somehow do not have any problem with QQ.


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