Purchase Digital Content Online

The digital content started becoming more popular nowadays. I’m not sure how many of you actually purchase your songs, movies, games or any other digital content products online. But I do know its becoming popular and the easier way to save money and time on shipping. Well, not in Brunei because we have many pirated stuffs sell here that previously mention almost 98% according to the local Government. Right now, I believe there are huge drop on that figures on the market today. Thanks to the internet especially the bittorrent program that can help everyone can downloaded (il) legally and saved more money. I am one of them, honestly. ^^;;;

But change I did however, starting to purchasing original programs and support the markets (only the title I like). I don’t really like buying digital content much online because our Brunei internet speed are slow (always) and ended up getting the retail version instead to avoid the frustrations. So far Steam (Valve) is the best one as I had used. Until last week, I decided to make my first online purchase for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition PC game direct from Steam (Valve) that hit with dirt cheap from the weekend promotion for US$4.99 (B$7.xx). The game weight more than 3GB, so it might take probably a week for me to finished download with only full speed 65.1kb per second. >_> I’m not really such a hurried person playing the games but it just about my spending habits in the end lately.

What's my next purchase going to be soon? I know my next wish list is going to release in Steam these month call Red Alert 3: Uprising. I’m not sure about the pricing yet but EA doesn't want to release the retail version so probably I wait for better discount before purchasing it.


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