The Rape Monster Sentence for Life

These beasts finally put into jail for kidnapping and rape his daughter as a sex slave 24 years. I don’t know how long the news has been broke out. It sure took longer than expected waiting this beast down in court. Although the verdict has been announced this rapist going to jailed for life. The court should have given an operation approval removed his penis for enjoying and let him become a total incomplete bitch as punishment no matter if he is too old for it. He even should have allowed seeking medical treatments at all.

I totally mean it and you can carefully look at the photos how calm he was taken by the press. If you think he is insane and guilt about his action, you are wrong people. Here is one of the joke he made which I found in BBC UK.
"I regret from the bottom of my heart what I've done to my family" Josef Fritzl
Source: The Strait Times and BBC UK
Photo: Getty Image


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