Proposal to run BSB Gundam & Anime Club in Brunei

I actually found this topic in one of the local cosplayer blog yesterday. It was an interesting idea starting a toy club in Brunei to bring influence on more activities on plastic modeling, cosplayers and promoting Japanese anime movies. I really love to see it happen as Brunei doesn’t have many activities such on these. How successful is going to be is depending on us, if we seriously want to run the new club.

Right now, the club is still not yet active or receiving any sponsors. But bloggers are voicing it in their blog and community. I’m not going to post the copy of full length of open letter here in my blog, mostly it should be done in the forum I choose. But you can visit and read it at Bruneian Cosplayer blog.

Before you go, check out the funny video Bruce Lee vs.. Iron Man


  1. Haha...nice video!!
    btw the club's active now..
    i visited their official website not long ago!!!
    here's the link


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