Work Late Night and Puasa

I am starting to feel very bad about my work this year, it’s time for me to look for a new job. Can’t believe I am working for nothing these days, especially at night until ten yesterday just for the stupid rental PC and no overtime paid for it. Pissed the whole night and have to continue today morning deliver the PC and setup in the client office on holiday. Although it just for half day, not getting over paid is terrible thing and wasting your time just for the company benefit. I couldn’t agree more on this continue to serve myself over this job.


Feel so fuck up in such situations and hopeless, there wasn’t any suitable job and qualifications available for me lately. But I will still stick with this job until something miracle came up for me. Some company did indeed offer me a position. But not a wise one as it relationship is too close to mine current boss. I don't like having job to close to anyone around me, because that issue, I lose my job even more. Hate to say, but until then, going to kept looking for new jobs.


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