What Happen To Dawn Yang?

I think it’s too quiet for the on going war between Xia Xue and Dawn Yang. After checking Xia Xue blog, mentioning that she is not going to apologies and there wasn’t any lawsuit against until now. So I decided to spend sometimes digging around some news from Dawn haters. I’m glad and found blogger pointing the news about Dawn news criticize for plagiarism, dated on Aug 1st 2008.

I’m quite surprise she ended up apologizing to the public instead, due the evidence bring up from the forum. I thought she may be smart not to expose herself on such shame action. Such a beautiful lady totally underestimate the power of the internet today. She is best not to post her naked photo online, much worst she is going to expect.

Anyway, here’s the old news from Asia One.
In an interview with The New Paper on Wednesday, Ms Yang admitted she had made a mistake.

"I apologise to all my readers. I didn't do this intentionally," she said.

She said that at the time she posted the entries, she didn't really think citations were necessary.

"It didn't cross my mind that I was doing something wrong," she said.

She promised she would be more careful about citing her sources in future.

But she felt that many of her detractors were not just focusing on the plagiarism, but were instead digging into her personal life.

She said: "Because it's me, because of this spat, they've gone up in arms. You can talk about it, but please don't cross the lines of civility."
Going to look out for more.


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