Man Gets Nut Stuck On Penis

After reading it, I can’t imagine how hurt it going to be. But I have to say, this guy in early 20’s is definitely stupid thinking about making his penis long. He worried too much on his size and length which almost nearly lead him losing his penis putting a heavy welding nut. I can’t stop laughing and feel sorry for his guy ended up on the news.


It would appear the news did not reach one poor Malaysian man, who in an effort to increase his size, put a heavy welding nut on his penis and then accidentally got an erection which almost lead to him losing his penis.

The unnamed welder in his 20’s was attempting to lengthen his penis before his engagement next week by placing a heavy welding nut on then end of his penis in hopes it would stretch him out and make him longer.

During the process he gave himself an erection which caused the nut to become stuff on his penis, forcing him to call for help.

Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene but where unable to assist the man and were forced to take him to the hospital.

Sultanah Aminah hospital staff had to removed the top layer of his penis in order to get the welding nut off the poor guys penis.


Even if my penis is born that small, I will never think about going for enlargement. You won’t know what might going to cause your entire life. I know every man what to have a great sex with your partners. But best to value your life rather than risking your only value alive penis.


Source @ Weird Asia News


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