Car Fuck Up Yet Again This Year!

I can’t really believe it just happen again on September every years. Last year, I was so unlucky hitting somebody car and two years ago I spend huge sum of money to fix my engine parts on the same month. My PC upgrade plan is totally screw up this time.


I’m not sure how bad my car condition is, but my timing belt did indeed cut off after I start my engine and reverse today. The mechanic did say it’s not quite dangerous than on the road as it might burn the while engine up. I was also lucky colleagues also stop me going on long trip to rig site. All else, I might really end up big time on the road.


Man, this is my own blame for not changing it because I lost track how many mile I have drive and there is no sticker indicate when I should change it. Fucking good lesson for me and really hope nothing more problem on the car in the workshop.


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