Friends Control by Mom

I wonder how many friends of your does have a life been control or decide by their parents. Well, very few from mine over here I have to say. I know it wasn’t my position to put my ass on to somebody family business. But what I see here is their life is totally stupid and meaningless until now. Why the fuck do you still need your mom to babysit on you when you already working and facing the social life out there?


Recently one of my friends having huge problem with his mother after her suddenly charge into his office and making lots of problem shouting about abandoning his name from the family if he don’t dump his current girlfriend. I was like, what? Just because the mother doesn’t like the girl, she has to go that far threaten its own son to surrender his relationship for the sake of the family name? Meh…don’t you think it’s over protected and step into his son own world? Even if the parent doesn’t like the girl, this is the son decisions falling in love with her. No one is able to know the answer what their future lays ahead on their relationship. I’m not really what happen to him afterward, all I know he already moved out from his home continue with the current girl.


Another one who is my classmate is much worst. Everything he does must ASK his mother and take some question first before he can buy something. My jaw drop and laugh so hard after my friend told me what happen in the PC shop. His life never changes at all my last meeting him and I still wonder what he is actually doing. I know giving your family money is a must and rules as a son. He listens to his mom and everything would be best for him. Don’t you think this is a bit over react? Even when he buys a computer, he has to ask his credit card from his mother to pay for the computer. My friend who sale the PC to him had a hard time dealing with both of them. I don’t like his mom either, the reason is simple. She like to talk nonsense even when my father pass away and she approach me saying something non common sense at all. She then starts to piss me off more and more until I scolded her. Even since we haven’t had any talk.


My mom never asked me much of anything, but she do complained a lot about my spending on toys and games. ^^;;; I am happy my mom is open minded person and let me decide my own way of living. Although my own have lots of problems I still have to deal with today, but I at least not control by anyone.


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