CERN Going to Activate LHC Tomorrow at 8.30 Live!

Man! I am so exciting about this technology and unlock its hidden science further than ever before. According to the news and press release, BBC will be the one doing the live feed and will be available on the CERN official website. The problem is I don’t even know what the correct times they are going activate are after it mention is 8.30. So, it is morning or night? I do hope it’s at night though so that I can watch live online.

The most worrying side also because uprising protest in US and the scientist have been received death threat orders to stop this test. Many of them believe the LHC will create black hole and destroy the earth. I’m not a science student so I’m not really sure what the outcome really going to happen. But I do wish to know what result we are going to get once the LHC activate. Unlock better future for humanity or black hole kicks in destroy the earth.

Remember to watch the video live tomorrow!


  1. Apparently nothing will happen as of yet. I heard it'll take a few months before the protons reach the right speed to do anything with it.

    Apparently the first actual collision will take place on 21 October 2008.

  2. Really? they only test run the LHC instead of actuall running it.


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