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New Ticket Starts Tomorrow

Finally the new ticket have start rolling out in KB and Seria. My boss brought three sets and i haven’t. i might probably get $5.00 first because I don’t go down everyday to town. Don’t worry about the ticket books you brought because it can used up for three years. Better than nothing.

Visit the Christians Cemetery

Every year, I’m sure majority of you will go to the cemetery together with your parent. Yesterday, was a special day for the Chinese (not Earth Hour), I believe. I’m not really bothered going there until my mom asked us to visit it once or twice a year to check our grandfather, grandmother and uncle graveyard if anything wrong. Nothing much change except the end of the area is nearly covered by the growing trees.Although sometimes it interesting to find some surprising story behind the people we encounter over at the site like my grandmother sister. I never met her before and not even knowing she even lives in Seria until she passes away last year. Even in such a short distance we already lost contact with each other which makes me feel really guilty not having a chance talking to her. After knowing it, I feel like living in a stupid world filling with family and relatives issue.Any other finding is just I don’t really get why did people burn dead money and red candle for Christian ce…

Earth Hour? You Care?

Are you going to do it? My answer is, NO! HA! I will be playing RF Online without noticing the time fly. My life is boring as hell and I’m not going to waste my one hour for nothing unless I am willing to spend my time on Gundam. But normally I won’t do it at night because it’s relaxation hours. Anyway, I’m not going to participate. that’s it.

Proposal to run BSB Gundam & Anime Club in Brunei

I actually found this topic in one of the local cosplayer blog yesterday. It was an interesting idea starting a toy club in Brunei to bring influence on more activities on plastic modeling, cosplayers and promoting Japanese anime movies. I really love to see it happen as Brunei doesn’t have many activities such on these. How successful is going to be is depending on us, if we seriously want to run the new club.Right now, the club is still not yet active or receiving any sponsors. But bloggers are voicing it in their blog and community. I’m not going to post the copy of full length of open letter here in my blog, mostly it should be done in the forum I choose. But you can visit and read it at Bruneian Cosplayer blog.Before you go, check out the funny video Bruce Lee vs.. Iron Man

Local Japanese Toy Shop

Yes, it’s time for blog discovery! I haven’t been to the capital for quite long and most importantly, I didn’t know there are shops selling Japanese Anime and American toys. But I am glad I was able to get the link from Shewsbury blog when I visit it from Ngee Khiong comment post. If you don’t have any credit cards, you can check with Chong Hock Toy Nation as they can help you to pre-order or order your favorite anime toys and of course anime cosplay clothes too.Drop them a mail or message them through Live Messenger for more information and price of your favorite toys wish lists. Here, ericlim1133 [at] hotmail [dot] com and bookmark the blog address.About Chong HockChong Hock Toynation, established mid 2006. CH Toynation, subsidiary of CHONG HOCK MUSIC CENTER started as a small toy corner aiming to provide our local toy fanatics with exciting new products that are not found anywhere in Brunei. CHONG HOCK MUSIC CENTER, on the other hand, had been established for over 30 years and we a…

Sacrifice for Sport Cars

I wonder how many of you are really like that. I have seen many locals and my friends done that and it always a right choice for them. Man, for me right now, getting a house is really important than anything except my Gundam. I love sport cars and really wish to have one but it just about the money always. There are plenty of people like me can’t afford it but still going ahead buying one for themselves. The worst part is using their relatives name to loan the cars. If the reason it’s about require using for work. That is completely bullshit.One of my Chinese friends did indeed give me that ridiculous answer and claim that having a sport car is better than having a house. I wonder how many of you would agree with him. Well, unless you are rich guy than probably you doesn’t need to concern. What if you are not? No matter in what situation without a car, there are always a plenty of way to go to work. Without a house, where the fuck you going to live? Staying in friends or relatives hou…

Eureka Seven Movie

I already heard the movie is coming last year. What i didn’t know is if it was a continue story from the old one or it’s just the remake like Macross Frontier announcement for movie release. After watching the trailer, it really hard to tell. But nevertheless, Eureka Seven is still one of the best anime come back I can’t missed. Damn, April is coming and hopefully seeing it soon!

Play-Asia Lucky Spring Sale

I know everyone are having a hard time on economics and hopefully able to hunt some bargains stuff. You lucky today as Play-Asia is now promoting spring sale until end of March. There will be lucky draw for your chance to win some fantastic prizes. Head over there for more information.

Baiduri Bank ATM Suck Big Time

Yes, you heard that right, Baiduri bank ATM system suck ball and deeper than HSBC. I can’t believe I always find myself unable to withdraw money every morning between 7AM to 8AM and those companies who maintain the ATM are totally bunch of idiot. My words also go to Baiduri. How dare they can allow the ATM reboot or restart the system itself at such hours and make people wait more than 20 minute until operational? Other people might keep quiet about this but I’m not.I have been experience this multiple time and today I finally blown by one of the first funniest ATM I ever encounter in the morning again. It’s not like I can’t access to ATM, but I don’t know who’s fault is that missed out the function for “Withdrawal” in the panel. I can’t believe finding myself in such early morning unable to draw any money because of one fucking missing words left out in the program. I was kindly enough to call the service hot line and inform them to verify issue. That’s make another extra for me to w…

The Rape Monster Sentence for Life

These beasts finally put into jail for kidnapping and rape his daughter as a sex slave 24 years. I don’t know how long the news has been broke out. It sure took longer than expected waiting this beast down in court. Although the verdict has been announced this rapist going to jailed for life. The court should have given an operation approval removed his penis for enjoying and let him become a total incomplete bitch as punishment no matter if he is too old for it. He even should have allowed seeking medical treatments at all.

I totally mean it and you can carefully look at the photos how calm he was taken by the press. If you think he is insane and guilt about his action, you are wrong people. Here is one of the joke he made which I found in BBC UK.
"I regret from the bottom of my heart what I've done to my family" Josef FritzlSource: The Strait Times and BBC UK
Photo: Getty Image

HK Disneyland’s Is in Danger

OMFG! I didn’t even had any chance going to Hong Kong this or next year. I never even been to any Disneyland's for my entire LIFE. Damn this economic infections through out the world. Arrggg…the most pity to the peoples who worked there waiting to get lay off letters later.You can read the entire news at Business Week. (Found @ Wayang Times)

Adamo by Dell

It’s available to order through Dell US. Man, what a sexy laptop by looking at it. Well, no money to get that. hopefully one day.

Gundam Astray [Green Frame] Type CCC

Currently uploading to BAKUC online. Once approve by the Admin, it will be up over there. You can visit the page here, not sure if it’s viewable to Gundam Fans. I will update this post again if approve. Photos Approve! View at BAKUC! Trojon's Green Frame Type CCC (Customize Close Combat) Prototype HG 1/144 Trojon's Gundam Astray Green Frame Using Broken Part + two detail Kotobukiya kits Mr Hobby and Gundam Spray Paint Bandai Seed Astray Frame Decal

Me on Top for ‘QQeStore Complain’ Word in Google and Yahoo

I have to say LOL! Hahaha…I can’t believe my QQeStore review was in the top search in popular Google and Yahoo. Because the review, I still received quite numbers of traffic of this post. Probably, there are many local buyers out there still having their doubt of their services and warranty issue. But for my own recommendation, buying digital camera is the best place you can’t go wrong with them. If you are planning to buy games, I recommend as they provide free delivery to Brunei. Tax is not included, sadly.As for the bad recommendation, nothing to bash about QQeStore since I last only brought my camera from them in year 2007. I do visit their website sometimes to check out their new products. I can’t tell you if they have improve or not except I heard they are now using Fedex services for delivery which is way better than last time I have to pickup my camera MYSELF in a fixed location even I paid for freaking $10.00 for delivery. Oh it’s not a joke and this is true sto…

Printers and Cartridges to be Tax

Yup! That’s right! Bad news to all buyers! I have received words that our local Government are issuing all printers and ink/toner cartridges a tax really soon. We will be expecting new price increase (estimate around 10-15% or more) for both of items once the new stock arrived according to my source. If you are planning to buy a new printer and thinking about stocking up your ink/toner cartridges, better do buy it now.

Hobby Link Japan - March Order 2009

This month I decided to spend less on my purchase. I only do a stock up on my spray paint so that I can continue my Green Frame. Others I also buy some Gundam markers and Tamiya saw tool to be use on Gundam Rasiel. Of course, not just for one plastic model as it might be needed in the future. The last, I get a bargain price for Arms Astray PMC Custom and not to forget the Seed Astray Frame Decal.Going to continue my work this week and hopefully able to begin the next one soon.

Panda USB Vaccine (Free)

For users who are concerning their removable drive like USB flash drive, external hard disk or memory cards. Get the free USB pen drive from Panda company. I think it’s very important nowadays to prevent those kind of virus spreading. Although it still a beta program, I recommended who used USB pen drive and external hard disk should install it, even business user should also install. This will improve your PC security more if you using freeware anti-virus.Download @Panda Security

Purchase Digital Content Online

The digital content started becoming more popular nowadays. I’m not sure how many of you actually purchase your songs, movies, games or any other digital content products online. But I do know its becoming popular and the easier way to save money and time on shipping. Well, not in Brunei because we have many pirated stuffs sell here that previously mention almost 98% according to the local Government. Right now, I believe there are huge drop on that figures on the market today. Thanks to the internet especially the bittorrent program that can help everyone can downloaded (il) legally and saved more money. I am one of them, honestly. ^^;;;

But change I did however, starting to purchasing original programs and support the markets (only the title I like). I don’t really like buying digital content much online because our Brunei internet speed are slow (always) and ended up getting the retail version instead to avoid the frustrations. So far Steam (Valve) is the best one as I had used. Unt…

Gaijin Sushi Conveyor

Found this while dropping by in Marvin (v.i.a Danny Choo) website. I find it funny and very creative done by the foreigner. I don’t know if it’s legal doing it in Japan actually, but the video does show each different persons react when seeing the camera in the sushi conveyor. I like this idea, really.

For the Emperor!

Weee…FINALLY arrived! Dawn of War II pre-order edition with T-shirt and special in-game Wargear set. I was bored to death without any new games and run out spray paint for Gundam to keep me company. It was indeed a good timing receiving it on yesterday and went back straight to install. I like this game very much especially unlocking some of the stories at each optional mission you finished. I really hope for expansion soon! Anyway, next game target Red Alert 3 Uprising and Starcraft 2.