Upgrade GeforceFX 5900XT Cooling.....Ermm But....

I have been using my Chaintech GeforceFX 5900XT for nearly four years for gaming. Well, things get old easily and especially the graphic card fan are making a lot of annoying noise inside my case once power turn on. I decided to get the old and cheap Coolermaster Cool VIVA product from the store to get rid my noisy fan. My PC is 24 hours operations using torrent and I really need a proper sleep. Here's the picture cover of the plastic seal!

I got it for B$15.00 (US$9.00 +/-) in my country, which is totally consider cheaper than before. I didn't even know we can get that price if it wasn't my customer who first brought it from the store. He told me to help him to assemble the Coolviva for his Radeon 9800 Pro card and happy to say its very successful for a first time. Ok, not quite a very nice looking and proper installed which I think as long I don't destroy the whole card. ^^;;;; Anyway, picture below for my old card before I do something stupid!

Taaadaaa! Here's the final one!

HA!!! See! Really bad assemble after looking at this picture. You can clearly see the heatsink were totally upper and facing downward. Forget about that. Bad news was that, my card totally screw up after a few small metals fell off from the board. It still work, however, it can't display after it reaches higher resolution in the desktop and crush into blue screen. Arggg...can't believe it just died like that because of these few small metal stuff. I guess maybe its time to get a new AGP card for my PC until building a new one next year. I wonder which mid-range card I should get these days?


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