Choosing a New AGP card

Currently using GeforceFX 5200 as a backup for my PC. I decided to get a new mid range AGP card so that I won't feel like shit watching movies all day. I need a quite powerful card to support more latest games. Not yet decide which brand I should be getting. ATI or NVIDIA? I have been using NV products for quite long and I am thinking about switching to ATI because it best known for its movie quality. But the price is a problem right now, that's why I decided to visit Best Gaming Graphics Cards for the Money: September 2007 at It seems like Geforce 7600 GS/GT and Radeon X1650 PRO is my likely choice on the list. Well, I need to check out the Galaxy & Gecube current price today from my friends. Considering better to put some debts over there and settle it next month! HA!!! ^^;;; Another debt going into my list!

I'm not thinking about getting high-end card for my PC because my power supply unit is not enough to boost these cards using Coolermaster 350W PSU. Best to go for a mid range video card nowadays! Let see how its turn out!


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