Galaxy Geforce 7600GT (AGP) - Love it!!!

It’s here and I got it on Thursday after it arrived from my friends shop. As you can see the Galaxy box came with quite a fancy design and packed with VIVO adapter and s-video cables including an extra four pin power cable. Blue color board and the GPU are cool by a normal Galaxy VGA fan itself. Don’t worried, there are an extra two holes (total four) for you to install with 3rd party VGA fan. Most important thing you need to know that Geforce 7600 series require a minimum 300WATT power supply to run it. This is the reason why I choose 7600GT instead over 7900 series or ATI1950 Pro as I don’t want to worry about my power supply unit problem or any point funding a new PSU for an older AGP. Not to mention Geforce 7600GT is already three time powerful than my previous FX5900XT. OMG! XD

The performances are good running older games like Homeworld 2, W40K: Dawn or War and Company of Heroes. You just need to do some setting to get the game smoother. Running the latest game like Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars and my Command & Conquer: Tiberium War, require some tweaks on the image setting quality on the options to get a good frame rate. But not quite a problem for me though as this card still enough to push itself little more with some overclocking. But I haven’t done that yet because I am waiting for my 120mm fan for replacement to suck out the heat from my Coolermaster chassis. It already was getting weaker so it’s not too good to risk my new toy. If you are looking for a budget AGP card and got a great PSU power, probably getting Geforce 7900 or ATi 1950 Pro AGP is the right choice to go with it. But if you want just a normal performance card, Geforce 7600GT is your buy list.

***Please note that Galaxy Geforce 7600GT (AGP version) does not bundles with any games which are as well includes the other. Please check on the official site for more information. Here’s the few more close up pictures.



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