My COSMOS Contest Winner Final Round Ended

Congratulation to whom win over Cooler Master My Cosmos Contest. The final drawing was held on 9/29 (TPE Time). The list will be announced officially next Wednesday on CM Global website. Cooler Master will e-mail the official letter to your registered e-mail account within 7 days every drawing, any questions please write to

Finally, very thanks for everybody’s participation. MyCOSMOS Contest ends today in a satisfactory way. Hope you enjoy the event and let’s see each other in our next great event- Cooler Master KODE5 Video Shoot.

Best Reviewer:
Editor: Ravynmagi
Topic: CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 Review

Most Creative Participant:
Editor: Creech( )
Topic: My Cosmos: Origin of the Cosmos (2nd Creation)

Most Popular Creation:
Topic: Cosmos Weblog & Website Review
Editor: Starboykb(

Remark: Although the 1st creation from Creech has the highest comment count, the finnal winner is Starboykb based on the rule : the winner of the three grand awards can not be duplicated

Most Active Participant (335 comments):
Winner: werty316 ( )
Prize : Real Power Pro 750W x 1 + Hyper 212 x1

Participantion Prize (Random Drawing):
1. Winner : Creech ( / Slugbug (
Prize: Xcraft 360 x 1

2. Winner : Maxession ( / Zenphic (
Prize : Hyper 212 x 1

3. Winner : MakubeX ( /Starboykb (
Prize: PWM Fan Hub Set x 1 (Fan Hubx1 + 120mm PWM fan x2)


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