MyCosmos Contest: Round 2 Winner Announcement!

The award of [Best Reviewer] and [Most Creative Participant]: Absent (Please join anyone!)

Most Active Participant (79 comments+20 extra comments): Winner:

Participantion Prize (Random Drawing):

  1. Winner : Creech( / Mandel (
  2. Winner : Abraham( / Maxession(
  3. Winner : Slugbug ( /werty316(
***If you guys haven't join Coolermaster this month contest. You can still participate (anyone!) for reviewing COSMOS products. Also, please note that you do not need to owned a COSMOS 1000 chassis to review it too. All you need is using your own creative ideas and create a best review articles or video about Cosmos (have to be related). You can used any Cosmos photos from any hardware reviewer (please credit them) site to support your articles.
Please visit the event site for more information. My COSMOS - Talk about your COSMOS!


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