Bruneian First Blog Awards Organized by Simpur Blogging Nation!

Check out the great news to all Brunei local bloggers!

Bloggers, it's the time of the year when we celebrate..YOU!Introducing the 1st ever Bruneian Blog Awards, The Simpur Bloggies! Every month, from September '07 to February '08, you'll be able to nominate and vote for your favourite Bruneian blogs, which will be divided into 5 different categories.

All the category winners will then be up for another vote in March '08, in which one blog will be crowned The Bruneian Blog of The Year!

We've teamed up with generous sponsors who've all lined up fabulous prizes, from Digital Video Camcorders, Hotel stays, Dinner Vouchers, Simpur & DST Group goodies, and much more, to the Grand Prize of an Acer Laptop, iLuv Hi-Fi, $500 cash prize, a night's stay in an Orchid Garden Hotel Junior Suite (including breakfast and a foot massage at Amanha Spa), and of course the elusive Simpur Bloggies Blog of The Year Trophy!

And that's not all.. Bloggers aren't the only ones who get to win prizes, blog-readers too can get in on the act and stand a chance to win dinners for two and other goodies, just by nominating!

So all you Bruneian Bloggers, keep on pleasing your visitors by updating your blogs regularly, and by giving them something great to read everyday.. It's your content that might win you great prizes! Blog-readers, just sit back, relax, and pick
your favourites
I wonder how many of you guys going to vote me? ^^ Anyway, this is yet another great challenge for us local. My another blog is down for few days and I still can't access over there. Hope my internet service provider will get my local blog up sooner before the award started.


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