Stress and Stupid

I was indeed very stressing this few days because of money is running dry in my bank account. I have already had a few items going to put up on garage sales soon into my friend shop. Those are my PSP (ver. 2.71), Warcraft III Battle chest editions and other PC games. Not sure if I am going to throw in my PS2 for sale too. Just in case I am telling myself. In order to control my spending starting this month, I decided to post up my daily income, spending, pay off debt and also my upcoming future debt list. I am trying to keep track of myself on what the hell am I spending on so bad and what the fuck is going on in my life getting this shit debts.

Other than stupid things I am going to do on my blog. The most interesting that happen to me in a department store is that I can’t find my god damn size for the new jean. I was thinking about getting two new one on my old totally torn up jean I wear for nearly half a year now. I can’t believe I wasn’t able to find any of my size there. My width is around 36 and all I can find are size 29 until 34. -_-;;; I was only manage able to find one, other really doesn’t suit my taste because of the weird stupid picture on the jeans. Well, those skeleton types of designs LOL!!!


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