Atheists & Discrimination

Ok, I am Atheist and I fully respect other religious people who believe in gods. I never tried to discourage any friends of mine or even family to stay out of their believing on gods. However, I came across watching these video in YouTube about some debate over CNN Atheist discrimination on February this year. I don't know what the hell is happening in America nowadays. So I don't know what the Atheists trying to do there and it just started to sound like becoming another what they called "two horns and a tails" or something. Anyway, I find these debate rather interesting especially Richard Dawkins, who wrote the book called "The God Delusion". I never read his book before but i would love to owned one if someone want to send me one for free. ^^


  1. That was a very interesting clip. I have to check that book out. I'd never have believed that there's actually atheists "in the closet" in the U.S. afraid to come out. Anyway, the sad thing with these kinds of debates is that it's impossible for any side to win. They just go on for all eternity. Or at least until the time runs out. :)

  2. i agree. ^^ Debating over this Atheist discrimination is just waste of time. To me, it will become into a political issue.


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