HSBC 60 Years in Brunei

HSBC currently is celebrating their 60th anniversary in Brunei. I went for sign up for Visa card this morning while I was working in my contract company. I wasn’t really thinking on applying another card for myself after looking at my saving this year. Well, it’s free anyway and I was pull by friends over to apply it. Just hope they won’t reject my application again. HA! Here’s the free gift I got from them.

Yeah, I ever did apply a visa card back in 2005 for the first time after the promotion started. I needed it because I needed it to purchase my favorite PC games online from Singapore. ^^;;; I think I was totally pissed off at that time after my application was rejected for some stupid reason. Not to mention they didn’t even bother to contact me for explanation what going on with the detail I provided as myself have to go directly to the office for an answer. Lousiest service I ever had in my experience.

Ok, that’s not all. I have to sit there and give them for another half an hour again to double check on my Visa issue; because they make a big mistake stating that I applied a Visa before and I cancel it half way. What the fuck? I wonder how this can actually happen to first time customer applying for a Visa card. Guess what? In the end, I gave up with the answer as I wasted too much time over there talking to useless staffs for giving me a very crap excuse because I am using supplementary Mastercard under my sister name. That is why I can’t apply Visa for that reason. I wonder if anyone ever experiences this kind of problem. Well at least I enjoy using Paypal purchasing online without much problem instead relaying on Visa card. Just hope this registration works!


  1. Hehe i think it was me who processed ur application back in 2005..i was still working with HSBC *LOL* Kidding~~! I just applied a Visa with supplimentary for Hubby FEW days b4 the promo. When i read the promo advert..i was like..wat theee fuuuuucccckkkk? Lau ku tau baik wait for a few days! Atlez got freebies or lucky draw or watever! Huhu!


  2. hehe...I am still havent yet submit my other letter to them. ^^ Just hope i can get that card for free lol!


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