Ashwin Khanna: The Worst Crap Asshole Ever

If you remember I posted a contest about winning a $2500.00 from Ashwin. He got us all fool! Entire blogging nation were got fool by his contest scam. Thanks to Contest Blogger telling everyone about the scamming. Here's what he said:

I don’t usually get angry in blog posts, and I hope you’ll forgive me if my writing suffers because of how completely ticked off I am right now. I’ll try to stop and take a periodic deep breath, but it’s tough to stay calm while telling Contest Blogger’s readers that they have been completely duped by the one of the biggest con-job shams I’ve ever seen in the blogosphere. More
For those of you guys posted about the contest. Contest Blogger decided to throw in a real $100.00 dollar cash contest for winner who want to take revenge on Ashwin blog. You can read more here.


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