Story of Desmond Chin...

I am a guy who doesn’t like to buy newspaper in my home country instead spending more time on the internet reading IT and gaming news. It just happen today I pay a visit to and came across a strong post about a young adult suffering from a cancer like diseases. His name is Desmond Chin, age of 20, a Seria resident. According the information from ShimWorld, Desmond was diagnosed with leukaemia in April 2005 and suffers from T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a type of cancer which causes more than normal quantities of white blood cells. Even I don’t even know what kind of disease is that. It doesn’t sound too good for any adult and children. More importantly, the cost of the treatment and surgery were estimate between $100k and $200k. O_O It didn’t say if that is in UK or US dollar, but still that amount is not everyone able to get it easily. Other issue also because Desmond is a Bruneian Permanent Resident, he is unable to obtain financial support from the government. ShimWorld has already started the donations program to help him over the financial issue.

**Any of you who would like to help and contribute some money can be done at Paypal or made to Desmond’s Baiduri Bank. Full Name: CHIN YUN CHUN and Account No.: 6000706346202. You can also transfer to HSBC account holders: JAN SHIM PHOTOGRAPHY | 001-2195181-001


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