Onshore Trip (to Work LOL)

It was my first time going onshore to work on a ship. I have to say not an easy ride for me as I have to take a Severn class lifeboat (likely what it was called) to board the ship for another half an hour. Imagine adding another trip from Kuala Belait to Muara required at least more than one hour. That’s why I took my camera with me. Shhh…..I almost got a sea sick after 10 minute inside there after the weather starting to turn bad and shaken the lifeboat side by side fiercely. I was like, damn, am I going to throw out the food from my stomach? I was totally lucky taking a half an hour ride only because I was told that the ship has sail nearer in order to reduce the time for me to reach there. All else, I might take at more than two hour to reach them. Not to mention I have to check every crew PC in every office too and possibly I might going to stay there for one night. Argg...Well, it ain’t going to happen because my own bed was much better and my PC is in front of me, and I need it. Maybe I would consider staying there if I owned a laptop. However, there was one thing I would never really want to miss out. It’s their cafeteria and the foods were damn good. I wish I would have “Tabao” the foods and bring it home. ^^;;;

That’s not all I have to say, there are Gym too in the ship. But I do not have any chance to visit it, unless I work there. However, one funny thing about the crews there asking me about what kind of car am I driving now. Honestly, so I said I am currently driving an old Toyota corolla wagon 1991. Do you know what reaction they show to me? They don’t believe it, which is totally think I am bullshit them. They even said IT employee normally have good salary and drive good cars. I don’t really belong to the IT field I have to say, I’m just a normal PC technician with enough salary to survive. No argument about these, I have a very nice chats to most of the crews and captains.

The most worrying is when I might go too missed out the lifeboat coming to transport me back to the port. It was already at night and it’s raining. It was totally dark in all surrounding and I only managed to see few lights coming from the distance, and freaking quiet. HA! Well, I did taking few pictures around there. But some of them are spoiled because it’s too dark out there and my setting wasn’t quite correct. Anyway, the lifeboat finally came after I get inside the ship to prepare my stuffs. It was still raining and the wave hitting quite strong. Luckily the food inside my stomach already digest almost 80%, if not I might going to throw everything out on the lifeboat on those half an hour seasick back to the port. ^^;;; I guess I have to say on and all a very good trip to onshore for one day. I really missed the food there. HA!!!


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