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I have been so busy working rushing the maintenance and mad unhappy lately. Family issue is what I dislike the most and always wish to be alone without getting involved. Anyway, fuck this shit.This time, I brought Hasbro Universe 2.0 Ironhide and Acid Storm from Got it quite a acceptable price and shipping without tracking. Will write more about this shop later until my side goes quiet.

Another Raining Month

It was another fucking year of non-stop raining. The power trip last night and the rain water starting slowly to penetrate into my room. Dripping all night making me so worried about the damages might cause. Chinese New Year is coming and I really wish not to spend too much. Repairing houses require quite a lot of money.This morning I have to wake up around six climbing up to the ceiling looking for the damn hole and find something for temporary hold the waters. Although it doesn’t look really that bad when I look at it because the aluminum foils wear down letting the water drip through. This is also a sign of damage on the roof outside and that is bad.I spend at least two hours up there doing some repair by using the strong aluminum tape to seals the internal damage aluminum foil areas. It was just a temporary measure preventing the water continue goes into the damage holes. Now the only thing I can do is wait until the rain stop so that the workers can start looking and repair the r…

Stars Online Shopping Discovery #2

Here are the lists of new reviews and discovery update. This time, there will be some US online shops includes as well. These are the trusted and safe to shop zone for everyone seeking for Otaku collection, rare stuffs and other action toys like Transformers. I will re-arrange the lists and include clearer details from time to time. If you have any questions regarding about the websites, feel free to post your comments in this post. However, it is recommended to read their FAQ and rules. For example like Ami-Ami Hobby, they DO NOT allow you to cancel any orders. Some of them even require paying first before processing the orders. Take note.Click read more for the full list.Stars Review Online Shops/StoresHW Japan ReviewV1.2 - ( Reviewv1.2 – ( Play-Asia.comv1.0 ( Samuel Decal Mini Review– ( Walter Hobby Reviewv1.0 ( Next/Upcoming ReviewsAmiAmi Ch…

Kotobukiya Kobato Hanato Figure Mini Review

Not sure how am I suppose to write here. Honestly, it is really hard writing review on PVC figure. I am not an expert on this and quite familiar much with the sculpture. But for me, when buying PVC or trading figures, I mostly prefer those to be made by Good Smile Company (GSC) and Square-Enix. The reasons are simple, high details and quality made from it.
Yes, it is more expensive but not any of us would want to pay for something that looks bad, right? I buy quite a lot figures from Square-Enix and never fail me in my liking. Well, mostly all of them are Final Fantasy series. How about Kotobukiya? I have no answer to that, which is why I am going to find out by purchasing the first released Kobato Hanato PVC figure last year. For your information, I brought it from Ami-Ami with 18% discount and still available. Hit read more for more photos!

December 2009 Online Order - Final

Yes, the final orders are the last two eBay items I won from bidding. There are Universe 2.0 Optimus Prime and Ultra Magus VS Skywarp exclusive pack. I am glad it arrived without missing and damage during Christmas and New Year. Well, I don’t really care about the box. As long the toys inside is not damage, I am happy with it. Review upcoming soon!

Kotobukiya Announce OTACOOL 2!

Kotobukiya is pleased to announce the arrival of OTACOOL 2: WORLDWIDE COSPLAYERS in April 2010! In collaboration with the world famous Otaku website and the Internet's largest cosplay destination Cure,OTACOOL 2 promises even more stimulating and groundbreaking content. In keeping with the same concept of "OTAKU is COOL", the next volume of OTACOOL will focus on cosplayers from around the world!In November 2009, Kotobukiya released the milestone publication OTACOOL: WORLDWIDE OTAKU ROOMS in collaboration with Danny Choo. Gathering international media attention, this publication received critical acclaim for its CGM (Consumer Generated Media) approach, where content is created through the Internet in collaboration with numerous fans and readers.Beginning in January 2010 at the OTACOOL OFFICIAL WEBSITE, Kotobukiya will be accepting submissions for cosplay photos and official OTACOOL mascot illustrations. <COSPLAY PHOTO CONTEST>****For a chance to be part…

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.081 and No.059

This is going to be the last Revoltech Yamaguchi toys collection in my list. I really hate to say the toys itself are entirely disappointed and failed for me. The details are great and that can’t be argued. But too much flaws are noticeable and the articulations are worst compare to the old ones. Not to mention it’s getting smaller.

Budget Photo Booth Project

As mention last month, I have finalized the total spending on the photo booth materials and light equipments yesterday. It surely took me a while going through because of some unexpected addition material. Nevertheless, the total still comes in lower B$50.00 on the extra spending for basic photo booth setup for me.Here is the photo of the materials and the equipments I brought based on my ideas during my survey on the hardware shops. 1x Slot Angle Bar 1.1/2” x 1.1/2” = $11.50 12x Bolt and nuts for angle bar = $0.60 4x Screws and washer = $0.40 2x Mini Florescent lamp 8 WATT = $14.00 2x Florescent Bulb 8 WATT = $5.00 1x one meter black clothes = $2.50 1x Labour charges (for cutting angle bar) = $5.00 Total = B$39.00For your information, an extra slot angle bar is original require for this project and the picture above only shows one cut set. I did miscalculate the length after seeing the worker cutting it on last Saturday. Never expect my glass would be so big. Not quite a big problem actually…

The New 2010, The New Day Starts Again!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m sure every one of you enjoying your time with your family and friends celebrating New Year. Nah, I didn’t celebrate any of it, just stays at home and continue watching Mr Brain drama I am chasing for. Yes, probably you might think it’s boring to be alone. But I already get use to it and I’m sure much of you didn’t celebrate either. Even some of my friends were continue working at night and today rushing the projects.All I can say is my youth enjoyment is over once I start working and always wishing to take as much rest as possible. No idea what kinds of influences causing me behave this way, and slowly shut myself going outside. It’s kind of bad seeing me like this, but the new 2010 begin and happily manage to finished three month probation started last October last year. I hope my new job and environment will slowly improve. Of course, I likely spend more on toys this year no matter what.