DIY Home Network Attached Storage Project #2

With the success finding the LGA775 motherboard, my next hunt will be computer casing. One problem was my disappearance senses of hunting computer parts really drive me a bit crazy. There are simply a lot of brands and nice styling designs out these days. Since I am building custom NAS system, my primary requirement will be quiet and have better cooling feature.

After searching the both small and mid-size casing online for quite sometimes, I conclude getting Aero Cool Dead Silence (DS) Cube. I choose Aerocool DS Cube for reason. It has clean styling and nice cube size casing for my taste. Yes, it has USB 3.0 ports like the rest of the new casing. But the addition adapter in the accessories box allowing convert USB 3.0 to USB 2.0. No more worried your motherboard doesn’t have 3.0 ports or spend money getting external cards.

It also comes with extra mesh cover version interchangeable for top cover. In case I decided to install two more optional case fans on top for extra cooling. There are some reader’s comments in reviewer site concerning no dust filter in the mesh cover. From my close up look, it actually has dust filter build into it. Hope to clear up the concern if you planning to purchase.

It just too bad the version I got has side window and no red color available to match with my Canon printer. At least the black edition was available so I just go ahead ask my friend to order for me which cost around RM$330.00 in the current Malaysia market. I will show some more on the installation photos once my new CPU arrived.


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