Old Computers Reboot with Open Source #2:

shot_lubuntuAfter success assemble an old PC from working hardware parts previously. I finally run a couple hour of test on the Lubuntu to see how well it going to perform and stability last Friday. Before that, here are the hardware specs information builds for the test are Pentium 4 2.4Ghz (Socket 478), EPOX EP-P4MKI mATX, 1GB Kit DDR RAM, 80GB IDE HDD and Geforce 2 MX 64MB Geforce 5500MX 256MB.

How good is Lubuntu in my opinion? Not entirely satisfactory. Despite many good reviews on the distribution by the Linux community, it is not entirely the true lightweight version as describe. Of course, I ran a full update before testing and moreover, my setup exceeds the system minimum requirement too. Still, it performance are very slow in many scenario for normal tasking and also discover the Python process somehow using high CPU load for no reason. I am no Linux expert, so I have to check on the web for answer.

It appears some program is causing the Python using high load CPU. I do not know as you need to run the terminal and do some command typing to trace the culprit. To be honest, the solution weren’t really helpful because you have to either kill it manually to resolve the issue or install program to reduce the CPU load. The problem will continue to come back once you open another programs so this is too troublesome for normal user.

I will continue seek out others and read more user comments on various Linux news sites for better suggestion on the lightweight Linux rather entirely reading the reviewer only. My next test will be Peppermint, Majaro and again, Linux Mint Debian version.


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