Gentei Kits Shop Review

Premium Bandai hobby toys are nowadays a must hunt among the collectors. While majority buyers know their way round getting it from GK Gundam Kit that based in Hong Kong. There are times you may miss the opportunity pre-order or fully booked and even went out of stocks.

Sure, we can search through Japanese shops using Rakuten system. But some shops may not shipped internationally and require to pay more using Tenso forwarder services. I can guarantee you that buyers might even encounter higher mark up amount can’t be acceptable. Gentei Kits may be your last location to seek out.

Only Exclusive and Limited Plastic Kits

Gentei Kits is a well known only (my finding) online shops from Japan that sell P-Bandai exclusive and limited Gundam kits directly to people all over the world. When the seller started the website, the availability of the hobby toys is very few so it’s hard to write a review and recommend.

After Bandai slowly started to announced more new limited Gundam kits release like from MSV, novel, comic and Unicorn series every few months that will be sold at official website, events or 7-Eleven store. The seller was able to secure most popular Gundam kits putting up for sale including re-run production if manage to get hold.

For your information, non-Gundam limited plastic kits and toys do available sometimes unless there are demands or request.

Parts Service

Gentei Kits offer Gundam parts order in case you broke it or missing. The price for each is 180YEN (may change in the future). Check out the secondary site for parts ordering and make sure you read the FAQ before ordering.

The Price

I’m sure that the prices are the main concern to buyers. But for my personal opinions, Gentei kits do price its kits at reasonable level and better than those from Rakuten. Sometimes, the seller even throws out nice discount for some kits that sits around too long not selling off in the store. This is something you shouldn’t overlook.

Take note that if you decide to pre-order, you will be paying full amount. There will be refund if stocks run out since orders are fulfilled on a first pay first serve basis. This is a race that gets first.

Shipping and Packing

The shipping charges are calculated base on size and weight. I can’t say for sure if it actually uses the original rate from EMS Japan. So far I didn’t find problem with the charges except the packing.

Paying more on your favorite toys are one thing. But receiving damage goods are saddest thing. One of my orders was damage after arrived due to the seller using softer box instead the hard box. This actually damaging two of my HGUC Rebawoo inside and the quality of the plastic kit was affected as well.

If you experience such issue, leave the seller message to request better packing on the next order during check out. I can’t guarantee if he really read or not. I did that and the rest of the orders now using hard boxes.


If you ask me to compare Gentei Kits with GK Gundam Kits pricing, both of them are similar. In the end, we have to depend on the daily exchange rate we choose to use during check out and most importantly if the shipping charges have change. I have avoided GK Gundam Kits and stop purchasing Transformers from Hong Kong ever since the announcement of the increase charges this year.

There are so far no news regards about raise in shipping fee in Japan (yet) but with stable YEN. We are no doubt enjoying online shopping there so I prefer stop by at Gentei Kits whenever there are any new announcement from Bandai. If you see your favorite limited kits up for pre-order, you better don’t hold back too long. Limited Gundam kits always come with limited quantity.


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