Seed VS Astray Gunpla Work Continue

After a long hiatus on Gundam kits, I finally able to continue my pending work for Seed VS Astray series. Working on model scale 1/100 size really consumes a lot of time compare to 1/144. I don’t intend to sell it because we all know people nowadays are more interested building MG version. Even Bandai no longer molded HG 1/100 version after Seed VS Astray series, so better off finish it before I can continue Hizack High Mobility work.

My first completed Gunpla work for Seed VS Astray was Nix Providence 2nd Issue back in 2012. The second was Regen Duel Gundam E from beginning last year and abandon afterward I got stuck (photo above) with ideas all the time. This is why I hate HG 1/100 scale so much. Don’t get me wrong, I personally like the Seed VS Astray series. It just that squeezing in more for room improvement is the hardest part.

The Regen Duel Gundam E actually already 70% complete. Yesterday I spent few hours on the 30% remaining revising on the weaponry and sees if possible further tweak making good use on the existing left over Nix Providence parts. Everything is now ready and next week will be final paint spraying. Hopefully the existing spray paint in stocks is enough to complete my work. One of my Frame Arms misses one black paint and had to put on hold until the new stock arrive at the local shop. =_=;;


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