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Upgrade Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 to Xeon E5462

Never knew there are such a way allows putting Intel Xeon CPUs (LGA771) into LGA775 motherboard not until I place a mistake bid on the Intel Xeon E5462 and sudden win. It was worrying at first because I have no idea if my existing motherboard may even work. More importantly, you will need to cut the two hinge parts on the CPU sockets carefully not to damage the pins. The reason for this requirement is due to Xeon CPUs design at different side.

The first priority I needed to look up if my ASUS P5Q Pro is really supported with the seller. The respond was mine ‘should’ work and since it’s a P45 chipset. In order to feel more secured and making sure it going to work, I dig deeper for better information. I manage to find the best website that contains huge information and compatibility listing to get you started playing with LGA771 to LGA775 mod. It is good news also mine are listed that able to work with Intel Xeon X5470, E5450, E5462, X5460, E5430 and E5440.

The second information I need to know is. Do I need to update my BIOS? According to the instruction, we need to add the LGA771 microcode to make sure it can boot. Yet another good news is, one of the Overclock dot Net members who happen to have the same motherboard and processor run without problem. Except one common issue for ASUS user will have to face slow boot process telling you to update your BIOS. The work around are either update the BIOS with added microcode or just disable Halt boot on error in the BIOS setting. As always, I prefer the safer route.

Once everything is ready and begin the procedures above, I decided at the same time to get my gaming rig clean up. It continuously runs almost six years now so better off doing all the maintenance and reworks the cabling inside. My body is now in pains thanks to the heavy CM Cosmos 1000 tower chassis I won back then. I’m trying to sell it off cheap but the local aren’t interested because it got no USB 3.0.

So far the Intel Xeon E5462 CPU ran without problem using stock fan cooling yesterday with no air conditioning. I haven’t run any stress test but the World Community Grid already done since it constantly using all four cores 100% doing computing together blasting with loud music while I busy with new Custom NAS PC whole afternoon.


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